The Hoban Minute

The Hoban Minute - 173 | Liz, David, and Darwin

Episode Summary

In another exclusive interview straight from the NOCO 9 trade show in Colorado Springs, Xavier speaks with Liz Geisleman, CEO at Rocky Mountain Reagents; David Vaillencourt, CEO at The GMP Collective; and Darwin Millard, CSO of Final Bell and, as some know him, The Spock of Cannabis. The four have an in-depth conversation about the role of ancillary service providers in the hemp and cannabis industries; particularly how those companies must support the ongoing growth of those industries and not just “take a cut” of the (not so) green rush. Without operators, ancillary services simply can’t survive, and it is high time that ancillary services support their clients in more ways than just providing a good or service. Xavier, Liz, David, and Darwin then discuss the importance of standards for the future success of both the hemp and cannabis industries. Finally, Darwin shares some exciting updates out of the lab.